Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year and a New Post

Every celebration has a certain corporate structure in the way to celebrate it and in the way to share it. The secular New Year has no excuse from it. In fact, the custom of welcoming New Year has been practiced all around the world without any religious rituals in it except going to the places of worship for asking the Gods to give the individual a prosperous new year. I thought of this post while I was indulging in the celebration aspect of New Year which I will let you know as we proceed.

Decembers and Januaries always give so much enthusiasm. You have got several reasons to rejoice. Holidays, Christmas, Pongal, a year leaving and a year welcoming us into the future. The celebration of the New Year starts much before the actual event, even before Christmas. One can easily notice its arrival seeing the idiot box. The television will be the first among the few which welcomes New Year.

"Discount for new year!" 

"Unseen discount for this new year in the century!" 

"Silk is the epitome of purity! Let this new year start with a silk sari in your collection!" 

"The new year has given an opportunity for a brand new car at a discounted rate!" 

And many more such advertisements indicate the leave of the current year and a new year on its way! A few days before the New Year, the channels start their parts in the play.

"For the first time in the history of television channels, a "so-named" film for the new year, especially for the "so-called" channel viewers!" 

"Exclusive talk from this celebrity for the new year!" 

"This celebrity is going to visit your village and celebrate the New Year with you!" 

(How come you record it already on a new year and broadcast it on the same new year? Probably, that village people have their New Year two days before the actual!)

And on the eve, comes the majority of these stuffs. The news papers come with articles discussing the issues of the current year and they almost make it inferior to the new upcoming one!

"The events of the year!" 

"Year: A year of hopes and tragedies!" 

"It’s been a promising year!" 

TV channels have their own ways (!) of things!

"Top 10 Kollywood films of the year!"

"The year: A turn-back!"

"Top 10 songs of the year!"

And the most welcomed one is, "The year's dream actress: People's choice!" 

Not to forget about the networks, they greet us by these messages.

"Full talk time offer on the new year on RC 550." (Who the hell is going to put 550 rupees?)

"Wish you a happy new year and on the special day, you can send any number of messages (no TRAI limit) to any network and each message will be charged as per your plan." 

They quote this as the blackout day and charge for the sms and send us a message indicating it as if they are giving us an offer.

After you finish off these disasters, you are likely to hear thunderous effects of the crackers, songs, dance, whistles, claps, countdowns etc., (depending on the are you live in) aka the new year celebrations.

The working class gives us the notion that it is a festival by their ways.

"It's New Year! Can you give me a bonus?" tells the servant!

"Sir, A New Year! Happy New Year sir, 10 rupees sir!" tells the gurkha.

"Sir, 2013! Any thing sir?" questions the laborer.

The most promising aspect of the New Year is being awake till the 00:00:00 of the New Year and wishing your close ones. There is my difficulty. During Diwali, I can easily stay awake until the clock strikes 12 and will get up late after my father gives up his effort waking me. But during this New Year, I struggle to keep myself awake till the clock strikes 11. And I will eventually fall asleep within 11.10 and when friends and cousins call, they would embarrass me by the following question.

"Hey did you fall asleep? After all its New Year!"

I manage this question with a glib lie.

"I was awake till 11.45 but don't have the faintest idea when I slept!"

This happens every year and I get embarrassed by this question every year. It even happened yesterday or today whatever you call so! One of my friends, only that friend, has been calling me at midnight for the past seven years for the New Year wishes. I fell asleep woken again by the embarrassing question from my cousin in America who called me to wish and I wondered whether to wish her or wish her in advance. Not to mention, it then took around 3 A.M. to fall asleep and unfortunately none called during those hours so that I would have objected their embarrassing question.

On the day, whoever sees me wishes me. The paper boy, the milk boy and anyone who goes in the street known or unknown greets me with a smile and gives his/her wishes. Here comes the resolution part.

"What are your resolutions?"

My mother always criticizes me telling that I usually take resolutions, follow it for three days (that's maximum) and drop it and return to my routine. So I stopped taking them. No resolutions like "I will reduce my weight by 20 kgs!", "I will work hard to score the highest grade!", "I will be polite and laconic!", and “I will do as per my schedule”! I tell you fellas by my experience, no use! No use taking resolutions.

The only useful thing that can be done on this day is that you turn back to the last year. Think what all you have done. Categorize them into the good, the bad and the ugly! I have had several things in this 2012. Very remarkable and very disappointing things. Each year leaves us giving us loads of experience and lessons. I started blogging in 2012 during very bad and remorseful events which I will share in my blog's first year anniversary. I had lessons from my people; friends, relatives, family, college mates and the unknown! A worthy experience and the most important lesson was self-respect. I finally learnt to like, love and respect me!

Years come and leave! What remains with us are the memories! Cherish what you have got in 2012 and if you have got nothing, well life has to move on with hope! Move on with hope to 2013! Make your best out of it! 2013 welcomes you! Wish you a happy and a prosperous new year! :)


  1. That sums up all the hype and hullabaloo around the New Year!! A very happy new year to you and family too, Hari! :)

    1. Thank you :) Wish you and your family the same :D Especially for your kid :)

  2. A very warm and happy new year to you and your family :D

  3. aren't you polite in real life? enjoyed reading this post. Wish you a great year ahead!

    1. I am garrulous in real life. I keep talking (ranting) about things. I don't know if I'm a polite one but definitely not an impolite one. Btw, what made you tell it? Thanks for the like :D Wish you too a happy new year :D

  4. You have beautifullly worded the celebrations around you, Hari:) Your last paragraph caps the celebrations and sounds optimistic. Just the right way to grow up, stay blessed in the new year.

    1. Thank you Asha :) Hope is a good thing! And thanks for the wishes. Wish you and your family a great year :)


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