Constitution of the Constipation of the Washbasin of the Nation!

This is our author's blog's motto. What this blog is not about?

  • This is not about Constitution (Neither Political nor Legal!)

  • This is not about Constipation (Neither Health nor Mind!)

  • This is not about Washbasin (Neither Properties nor Appliances!)

  • This is not about Nation (Neither Patriotic nor Geographic!)

The author has caught your mind voice! Then why the hell did the author put that? It is because the author is die-hard fan of Tamil film Punch dialogues, jokes, the famous Madras bashai, Ullarals, Thathuvams and especially Mokkais. He is here to give you loads of Mokkais than any other thing given before.

So what is this about? Who knows? Even the author himself does not know the genre of this blog. He started it as a medium to give voice for social causes but now he is practically putting Mokkais here. So he requests you to read all his posts and help him in identifying the type of this blog. 

Many e-mails have come to our author asking about the meaning of the blog's name. Freezing Eternity! The sources revealed that the author got his inspiration for the name of this blog from his Guru Hariyanandha who is currently residing at the Himalayas! Our investigation wing says that as his guru resides in the freezing part of Himalayas meditating to attain eternity, he named his blog Freezing Eternity. When our reporters asked the author about this, he said that the information was highly spiritual and confidential and couldn't be revealed right then. He also told that the reason may be revealed in one of his posts with the blessings of Swamiji Hariyanandha.

Jai Hariyanandha! Thank you!

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