Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I kept my word!

Suddenly she saw him everywhere...

"I will haunt you forever," he used to tell her always sarcastically to look at her reaction and would laugh.

25 April, 2012. The next day was her wedding. Her parents had arranged the three day wedding function in a grandiose manner with the whole town astonishing at its sumptuous way. However the center of attraction was the bride. She looked radiant and ravishing in her engagement dress which was offered by the bridegroom's side. Everyone out there was expecting the next day. Two people, who were distant in their hearts, were going to blend into a single lovable life. Was it going to be adorable?

She again spotted him laughing, “Why are you sad? After all, you are the bride!" He seemed a little sarcastic. She was on the verge of bursting out. Tiny bubbles peeked out from her eyes and she urged to control it. He again mumbled, "I kept my word." She asked him, “What did you tell?" He ran away. She couldn't spot him for a while.

She went to her room flooding with his memories. She was exhausted and was hyperventilating. This left her rattled and even a little peevish. She watched the happy face of her kith and kin from the portico of the first floor. She also watched his face and his eccentric reaction. It was raining cats and dogs outside. The lightening and the thunder petrified the little kids. Suddenly there was a huge crowd calling her name. She could hear them but couldn't respond. She had fainted hitting the ground floor before people came to catch her. Everyone went dazzled for a moment. It all happened so quickly. Ambulance arrived and she was taken to the hospital. Doctors couldn't do anything. It was a massive heart attack which caused her death. Every one of them was devastated. Everyone returned to the places and in a short time, the wedding function turned out into a death one.

Two days after the remorseful happening, her mother went to her room and she switched on her daughter's laptop. She browsed her drives to check what could have caused her to be pressurized? Indeed there was a document named "Rahish." Her mother knew that he was her daughter's bestest friend.

February 2, 2004:

Saw this guy named Rahish.
What a talkative one?!

June 15, 2004

Talked to Rahish for the first time.
He is a chatterbox. I find him fascinating.Time ran fast today with him. Became his friend in FB.

October 28,2005

He sent me a "Hi" today to my mobile.
I got his number from his friend a long time ago but I didn't text him. Ego.
Waited for his text! And he did today.
He is so much energetic and exuberant.
Msgd him for a long time.

January 18, 2006

Today is my birthday. He came to my home early morning to wish me.
I loved his gift. An earring. A simple yet an amative present for me!
Spent only a small time with him. It was my fault.
I was waiting for him to become close with me. Now he is.
But I am keeping distance from him.

March 25, 2006

Today is his birthday.
He sent a text to me requesting me to accompany him for morning train. 
I purposely caught the next train to his. I loved it whenever he got angry.
I loved it.
But I couldn't avoid him today as it is his birthday. He became so close to me.
In other words, I became so close to him.

May 17, 2007

We were chatting for the entire day. The whole day.
He said today "I won't marry anyone else other than you!"
I replied, “I won't marry you! A prince is waiting for me!"
He told me, “Okay! I too will marry a princess and not you!"
We mocked at each other enjoying the envious look on our faces.

September 25, 2009

Two years ran so fast after our college. 
He always tells me that he likes me a lot.
I am not sure if he is so much in love with me to accept me. 
I am not so brave.
We will be so good friends always.

April 5, 2010

He isn't opening his mouth. Neither me! Oh Goddamn it!
I couldn't resist. I am not brave. I like him a lot.
It would be so ideal if we live together. But I am so much frightened.

December 22, 2010

Now-a-days, He started telling this often.
"I won't marry anyone else other than you!" But then he used to tell this.
"I told that just for fun! You must like me na!"
"I will come for your wedding!"
I am so much frightened.

July 12, 2010

"Do you have anything to tell me?" I asked.
"I like you a lot! Nothing else. I will haunt you forever."

August 19, 2010

He died today. Yeah it was an appalling accident. 
Death has taken Rahish from me!
I don't know what I will do without him?
I am heart-broken! Save me!

November 8, 2010

I didn't talk to anyone for the past two months.
I am broken beyond repair. I loved him a lot.
Did he too? He did!!! I have his mobile now! 
Saw a msg in his drafts which was intended to be sent to me.

""I love you a lot! I want to be with you! Can I? 
Will you include me in your life? I am afraid. 
I don't know what you have in your mind?""

I loved you idiot. You didn't tell me!

April 17, 2011

My parents are asking me about my marriage. 
Everyone around me asked the same.
I am not ready to be the better half of some one else!
I don't want marriage!

September 30, 2011

My parents have fixed my marriage against my refusal. 
Please, I don't want.
I cried. I cried a lot.

December 24, 2011

My engagement today. I hate it.

March 8, 2012

He kept his word. He didn't marry anyone else.
But did I?

April 24, 2012

Day after tomorrow is my marriage!
Rahish why didn't you take me away with you?

Her mother cried. She cried a lot. When she intended to close the document, there popped a small box with a message "wait". Something was updating. She fainted after seeing the document. There was an additional note.

April 27, 2012

I kept my word. Rahish is with me here!

Image: Harikrishna Raghuraman

Friday, September 21, 2012

You wanted me, here I am

"I will never forget this day in my life!" shouted an old man sitting beside me in the Airport lounge. It was the next day of Christmas.

"Sir!" I called him.
"How can I possibly forget that incident?" he continued. (Ignoring me)
This time I didn't respond him.
"Have you ever seen Saw-I?"
"Yes sir, twice!"
"Have you listened to the statement of the girl who escaped the Jigsaw killer?"
"Yes sir! 'He helped me' is her statement!"
"I will never forget that day in my life!"

"45 years back, It was the next day of the holy Christmas. 26th December."

(Now on, I shall continue the story from his view.)

26th December.

The holy chant of Om Namo Narayana filled the home with a divine feeling. My parents went to a marriage of my father's friend. I was alone in home and was getting ready for my college. Being brought up in a traditional and an orthodox way, I used to perform all my rituals everyday. I had finished my morning sandhyavandhanam before the bell rang. I hurried to the door and was irritated to find a man standing there with a CD in his hand. He must have been in his late thirties. Neatly cut and shaven. A frame less spectacles. A round neck T-shirt and a blue jean. He was so modern yet I could sense a power from his face.

(Yet another sales rep! At this time?)

"Is your father here?"
"Nope he has gone out!"
"May I come in?" Give me a glass of water. I have travelled a long distance to see you... sorry your father!"
"Please sit down!"

(Its late already!)
I handed him a glass of water. I was in a hurry to finish my assignment!

"Why so serious?" asked the guy.
"I gotta finish this assignment!"
"Kill the Batman."
"Excuse me?"
"It is a great film! What a film with a common story yet an extra-ordinary narration and direction."
"You are talking about 'The Dark Knight'?"
"Beautiful, isn't it?"
"Yeah an exemplary film with an amazing direction!"

(He started quoting dialogues from the film. Yeah I love the film. But it wouldn't be nice to hear them when you are in a hurry! At last he seemed to leave.)

"Okay! Its time! I shall take my leave now! Tell your father that I visited him! Give him this CD and this paper! This has my address and contact number. Tell him to call me as soon as possible!"

"Okay sir. Thank you! I will surely inform him!"
"You wanted me, here I am." He left.

(I didn't understand the context of his last Dark Knight reference then!)

I used to go to my friend's home, pick him and leave for college. I got ready, locked my door and handed over the key to my neighbour. I started my bike and left for my friend's place. His place is a few streets away from mine. When I took the right to his home, I noticed a crowd in front of his home and there were police barricades blocking the street. I was bemused and eager to know the happening. My friend signalled me to leave to college from his terrace. I came to college and met him during lunch.

A shock.
A big shock.
I must have been paralyzed for a minute.

There was a RDX bomb blast near his home by a rowdy group to kill their opposite group's leader. The thing which made me paralyzed is the place and timing. It blasted at 8.15 in the open space next to his home. That is the place I usually wait for him everyday. That is the time I usually wait standing in that open space.

What would have happened if I had come early by 10 minutes? I would have gone!
What would have happened? 

I was in a big trauma and so I could not open my mouth!

That evening I reached home and cried to my parents regarding the one! I went numb again! It was then that I noticed the CD and the paper the man gave me in the morning! I let out a cry of shock and surprise!


I opened the paper and was flabbergasted to find that the address was my next door number which was the temple's address! The CD? It had nothing! An empty one!

My neighbours told my mom that there was a mental patient roaming around the street and entered some of the houses! The description given by them exactly suited the man who was talking to me in my home in the morning!

Who was he? How did he meet me? Why did he talk to me for a long time? Everything remains an unsolved puzzle to me till now! Did he tell this sentence purposely? "You wanted me, here I am."

Image: Harikrishna Raghuraman

Its the divine power.

(From now, its my tone!)

"How can I forget this day in my life?" said the man.

I too was flabbergasted!!!! I am not sure if it was divinity or a random happening! But I am sure that this has changed his life and perhaps will change mine!

You wanted me, here I am

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Those few breath-taking moments!

He was sitting silently on the wooden bench.

His eyes were transfixed on a book in his lap.

He was thinking whether to look at her or not.

He had already looked at her twice without getting caught.

He escaped her eyes twice.

He thought that it was time for another.

He decided to look up from his book.

He was caught this time while looking into her eyes..

He immediately returned his gaze to the pages of the book.

She also started looking at him.

She fixed her gaze on him.

She stopped her troll and stood at a place standing in a placid manner.

She thought it was time to question him.

She had a mixed feelings.

She didn't notice him for the first two times.

She caught his eyes staring at her the third time.

She definitely wanted to ask him and so pointed at him as she didn't know his name.

She knew that he wouldn't look up from his book and asked his friend who was sitting by his side to call him.

That friend told him, "Hari, She has been pointing at you for a long time. See her. I think she has caught you looking at her. She might ask you something."

Then he mumbled, "No, I don't have an answer!"

There was sweat dripping down his face and beading on his neck out of excitement and fear.

There was a shivering in him at this hot hour of the day.

There settled an eerie silence in the place. It was disturbing him.

There was a rumbling sound arising from his stomach.

There the eyes met. It was a wonderful thing.

Then came out a shrill voice with a question. He was taken aback. He had no answer. He didn't know the end.

"What is the common name for Sodium Bicarbonate?"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Love from Mom and Lessons from Dad!

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Well, the recent evolution of life on this humanly Earth has been a fast one compared to the older ones. It took approximately 3.5 billion years for the first multicellular organism to evolve on earth after its formation. From then on, for every 150 million years a new class of species appeared here. 200,000 years have passed since the origin of the genus homo. This proves that introduction is more complicated than evolution. The time or the persistence for the evolution is very small when compared to the introduction or the creation.

Today, we have learnt to ask our needs and meet our requirements, nurture our interests and fulfill our dreams, do our duties and live our lives. We have been successfully passing the evolutionary stage of our life since the day we learnt to use our sixth sense. Indeed we are progressing in our life at a faster pace. But the question is that do we think of the more tangled creation. Do we think about our creation or do we care only about our evolution?

The reason for our so-called efficacious life! The creation of our lives! Our father and mother. Do we realize their value and importance in our life? Have we lost the due respect and consideration for them? Today is my Parents' wedding day. I would like to tell them on this day that I really do love them a lot.

Amma! (Mother)

“My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” ―George Washington.

Life is a collection of mesmerizing memories. To become exciting and exuberant recalling all the happy moments of your life, you need the drop of love. Beauty, brilliance, knowledge, memory, sagacity and others may be your innate ones. But that one quality which makes you superior to all the other species is the art of loving and being loved.

Love! Pure Love! Unexpected Love! Unintentional Love! Who else other than your mom can give you this fabulous feeling? What else on this earth can match the warmth of your mother's heart? Have you ever felt safe or protected in others' hands? Have you ever seen anyone so happy when you are or so sad when you are?

A mother's love is matchless. She is the incarnation of the holy God. God has sent her to this earth because he can't take care of all His children. He wants every one of His children to be given the utmost care. He trusts no one else. He creates a mother for each child and leaves all His worries about the child to her. Every mother on this earth does the unique job given by God to protect her child. She looks after her child with utmost care forgetting every other thing including her desires and needs. Everything she tells, everything she thinks and every single thing she does is all for her child's welfare.

Oh! If you still don't understand the feeling of your mother, Go and see the hapless ones! Those who don't have that purest relation on this earth. See how they suffer without her. Who will you confide your secrets in? Who will you tell your daily experiences? Who will you ask to do your things with rights? Who else will you ask to love and protect you?

A mother's position is irreplaceable in everyone's life fellas!

Appa! (Father)

“That was when the world wasn't so big and I could see everywhere. It was when my father was a hero and not a human.” ― Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger

Life is also a collection of breath-taking moments. To become efficacious and proud in your life recalling the success moments, you need the drop of motivation. None could match your mother's happiness at your moment of success. But the reason behind your success is always your father who is comparatively strict when compared to your mother. I do find in most of the cases that a child finds its father a distant one in its child hood age. A boy/girl finds his/her father a strict one in his/her school age. A youth finds the father an inspiring one in his/her teenage.

A mother shows her unconditional love right from your birth time. But a father puts certain disciplinary restrictions to shape you. And after he finds that it is enough, he turns out to be your best friend. Yes, the father in your teenage becomes your hero and a role model. He waits till your right moment to turn into your best friend. If he too shows his love for you, you will easily take it advantageous and will never get to know the importance of your life. He waits. He too has love for you sometime more than your mother's. But he waits. He is not hard-hearted but he waits for you to become self-sustained in your life. He leads multiple roles in your life. He is your adviser, dad, guide, friend, motivator, philosopher, teacher and what not!

Oh! If you still don't understand the nature of your father, Go and see the cursed ones! Those who don't have that richest relation on this earth. See how they suffer without the beam of support in their life. Who will you make so proud in your life of your victories? Who else will teach you the basic things of life? Who will help, inspire, motivate, scold and teach you? Who else will love you in clandestine?

A father's importance is inevitable in everyone's life fellas!

A mother gives you the basic essence of life, the love. It’s the foundation of your life. And a father gives you the basic lessons of your life. It’s the building which you lay over your foundation. Love and lessons are the two sides of a coin and both are inevitable.

Realize your mom's love and Receive your dad's lessons!

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And I dedicate this post to my amma and appa on this day. This is their 21st anniversary. They have been with me throughout the ups and downs of my life. They have witnessed every phase of my growth. In fact they are the ones who adore me a lot. My small contribution for this wonderful day! Love you both!

P.S: What I have said in this blog is in general. My mother and father are multi-billionaires in their love and advice. I have never had the capacity to receive them in a large amount! :D Just kidding mom and dad :P
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