Harikrishna Raghuraman is a student at the College of Engineering, Guindy in Chennai. His interests are vetti-talking, mokkai-putting, chumma-sitting, nariya-sleeping, scribbling things, horrible singing, athigama-eating, part-time blogging, full-time stalking etc etc., He is an avid fan of Cabtain Vijayaganth's Englis and always attempts to speak his way eventually losing. After all, who can beat our Cabtain? He started this blog in aim of giving voices to social issues but pursued his interest of mokka-putting here too. Rajinikanth, films, cricket, quizzing, novels, cellphones, computers, cartoons, animations, temples, madras bashai are all his favorites  Dare the author leaves Rajinikanth here, his blog is dead. Rajini is our thalaivar. Here are some of the versions of our author. He calls himself the Panda or the Kungfu Panda.

The above collage contains his interests. As already told, Vijayakanth's Englis, Rajini, Kungfu Panda. He has seen the Kungfu Panda film umpteen number of times. He always tries to imitate Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates Of The Caribbean. "Why is the rum always gone" has become his favorite dialogue recently. Calvin and Hobbes has caught his attention too. He is trying to finish off the comics. Not to mention, he is trying to get a Calvin T-shirt. He likes to sleep a lot. Sleep even in a small interval of time. No matter about the place and time. He is a sincere follower of Swamiji Hariyanandha and so he indulges in meditation always. Sometimes (all the time) he ends up in sleep during his meditation. Now the main thing. He is a great eater. Working hard to beat the record of his holiness King Kumbakarna, Assistant King of Ceylon during the reign of Ravana. He devours anything and everything he gets. But he is limited by the dishes in this world as he is a vegetarian (proudly). 

There are some more things to be said. Romance. It will be same as the romance of our comedian Goundamani in Mettukudi. The thavam is because of Swamiji Hariyanandha. The author is still confused as of why we had put his terror and action picture!

The Romance:

The Thavam:

The Action:

The Terror:

Other versions will be put soon!


Time to hear yours, please

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