Friday, November 8, 2013

She left and he would never leave.

He already knew that it would end this way but he didn't expect it this earlier. That was her last day in that institution; in the place he was destined to be throughout his life. She was already there enjoying every day classes, workouts, group sessions and friends when he entered the place. His parents dropped him there with no other options left for the boy. The first few days, he didn't like it there - Constant shouts, continuous monitoring, strict rules, forbidden areas - he didn't adapt to the surroundings. All he would is sit near the window hoping to catch the bus in the bus stop which he never knew wasn't going to come at all.

After a few years, he was shifted to another place and the life was still the same for him. She was thoroughly enjoying every single moment there. Or rather she seemed to be the enjoying type to him, not very emotional making him wonder why she was ever present in a place like this at the first place. He let that pass on and continued to pin his hopes on the bus stop down the lane through the window.

Is it he or she who talked first? Well, that was not clear till that moment. Not till the moment of separation. The pain was excruciating. She kept talking and he too talked. She cared for all the other people around her. She treated almost everyone similar and there was no exception to her. And then there were office people who wanted discipline in the institution. Well, for one it was a Medical institution and keeping the inmates in was a tedious task for the orderlies there.

He was not the same way when he was born. A few things at his school - which were not certain - changed him. His parents did everything they could do yet there was no improvement and this was their final option. It was his second day in the new section of the hospital and he was already feeling a few changes in him. He thought that they were close and started feeling happy. Indeed that was the first time he felt happiness after years.

On the third day, he saw her moving out with the luggage. The same bus stop he had been dreaming for years. Permanently! It was hardly three days and he felt something which would have probably changed him. She would have never known that a mental patient had feelings for her. She left and he would never leave. 
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