Wednesday, October 30, 2013

International best economy rate bowler

"The nation wants to know!" shouted Mr.X, the reporter of the Fraud first of Injambakkam.

"I saw it in a poster under the bridge near the Trisulam flyover. The fault is not mine." Ms. Y, the reporter of Mind-U feinted an accent.

"Tell us everything Ms. Y. The nation wants to know."

"It was a 20*40 poster with Mr. Z holding a ball. A caption saying "Won the International best economy rate bowler!" It attracted me. I hadn't seen the news before and I wanted to publish it under my name and get some attraction. I ran a cover story visiting and getting details from every house in Trisulam. He is a guy from Trisulam, right? I visited Z's memes page and saw some amazing stats. I was given a column in the second page. "

"Trisulam? Meme? Okay, Mr. Z it's your turn now. Please, the nation wants to know."

"I was an enthusiastic ball boy. I loved the full toss, under-arm ball right since my childhood days. But my father wanted only to pursue as DRINKS boy as that would alone ensure me a good career. I always requested to bowl the ball. Initially I was outside the rope and I was throwing from the boundary lines. Later the captain was impressed and he selected me in the squad. I delivered my best getting a 5-wicket haul and just giving 20 runs in 10 overs. That was the best ever figures. They wanted me to bowl my underarm special and for 15 overs every match and I never failed to deliver. I always worked hard for the ball and they gave me the best bowling figures award. This is the award they gave."

Image: Harikrishna Raghuraman

After the two left, Mr. X made a few calls one of which was to the ICC President. He totally rejected it stating it as a false claim. "I vaguely remember the guy named Z. He came to the match as drinks boy and took the role of a ball boy but he was rejected after a few matches. Anyone who brings drinks can also throw balls which doesn't mean that he has the best bowling figures."

The BCCI said, "Since the player went abroad saying he had won an award we sponsored him but we thought that it was for throwing balls from beyond the boundary lines. We are embarrassed."

Meanwhile the reporter Ms. Y blamed it on that Trisulam poster saying that it was their mistake and she did not do anything embarrassing. But it is clear that even if she had watched one Indian match she would have known about Z. She doesn't even know about the veracity of the memes. She doesn't know those curses people threw at him in social network. And she doesn't know that there is no award in that name. She is a reporter yet she failed to notice the forgery or verify its authenticity. Mr. Z is unavailable for the comment.
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