Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Round and white!

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"Papa? I had an egg today!" The kid said with a wide smile and a pride in her tone. 

"That's so nice. Come here. What else did you have?"

"Sambar rice and curd rice too. But leave that all, I had egg papa."

"Today is your first day at school. What did you learn?" 

"Papa, The egg is perfectly round. It felt smooth in my hands."

"Yeah, that's nice."

"That's the first one I have ever had mama!" The kid turned towards its mother. 

Her mother felt so sad struck by the reality that they had sent their kid to this school to have at least one meal a day. She faked her smile. The kid stared at her face. 

"I used to have them every day when I was a kid, dear," diverted its dad. 

"Was that egg also white in color and round in shape?" 

"Yes, the same attributes." 

"Wow, so cool papa, I am going to have yet another one tomorrow. Now I shall go to sleep dreaming about eggs!" 

A few minutes passed. By then, the kid had slept. 

"I am happy that she can have one full meal a day. Though she can never learn things, she can eat. That's all I want." The kid's mother cried.  

Her husband gave her a concerning look. Their voices faded away in the rain. 

Next day, almost every single face was staring at the news channels. 

"23 Students died after eating poisonous mid day meals." 

Source : The Indian Express 

P.S: In memory of those innocuous kids who had died after eating poisonous mid-day meals.  
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