Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chennai to Chennai

This is gonna be my first "official" blog post. Contrary to the traditional, i am not going to talk about how I started to blog in this supposedly first post. I would go straight away to name this first post of mine as "Chennai to Chennai". This is a short story of a boy, personality turned freakish turned innocent boy.
Time: Around Nineteen years back...

Place 1: Chennai


It turns out to be the hottest day of the year. There are sounds of laughter, cries, disappointments, success, pride, envy etc., No it is definitely not one of the day of those expected results. It is a different surrounding and a different circumstance. It turns out be a hospital. A man aged around 25 is reading a news article on Sachin Tendulkar, a Cricket player who is gaining popularity among the people. It is supposed to be his birthday. A smile on that man's lips thinking about having his child in an hour or two. He has his dreams of bringing up that going-to-be-born child as a great personality serving for the country. His wife has been just admitted for delivery which has crossed the due time. The baby who should have come out to see this weird world has not come out yet. "Oh baby, Come out!” cries the doctor. Traditional and orthodox family it is and so the sounds of sacred chants outside the room. At last the baby is born at 12 am the next day. Doctors come out holding the baby in hand saying "This is a precious baby!” The tone is indeed sarcastic.

Time: Around Seventeen years back...

Place 2: Pondicherry


It is a cool spring season with the smell of nice flowers throughout the place. It is the bedroom of small quarters. A young lady is playing with her child on the bed. The door bell rings. She keeps a pillow by her child's side and answers the door. The child loves fantasy it seems. It starts moving. It reaches pillow, pushes it down, moves further, reaches the end of the bed, looks down at the floor and laughs. Moves further in the air. Oh My God! It isn’t a superman. It falls down from a height. It starts laughing. Mom runs to the bedroom. "Aaaaaahhhhhhh!" The sound echoes throughout the home.

Time: Around Fifteen years back...

Place 3: Delhi


Let’s call this child "The lad". The lad grows up. When he is asked what he wants to be in future, he says that his aim is to become a "KALL-EC-TOR" (Collector :D). His father and mother feel proud hearing this from his mouth. So all is set for him to study hard. Starting from A for Apple to the Pan-gram sentence like "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”, from the capitals to the Prime ministers (Which are the main syllabus for General knowledge exams), from Addition to complex numbers they are planning to teach him whatever they know. But he never shows interest in studies. Our lad likes to spend his time doing anything rather than studies.

His father always says, " Dei naan solratha kelu da!(Listen to what I say!)". 

Our lad will reply, "Enna vidu pa! (Leave me dad!)". 

This lad's father once goes to a slum for a job. He hears some rubbish words "@@#%$#$%^&##@@@" and turns to see, He sees his own Collector-ambition child shirtless playing Gilli. "Arghhhhhh!". The sound echoes throughout the place.

Time: Around Eight years back...

Place 4: Bangalore


His father gets voluntary transfer to a new place and firmly assures he will make his child a good personality.("Great" to "Good" !!). He puts him in a school a.k.a jail here. He spends his life for the next five years here. His mischief is never down. 

His father always says," Dei thayavu senju naan solratha kelu da!(Please listen to what i say!)". 

Our boy will reply, "Thayavu senju enna vidu pa! (Please leave me dad!)!" 

One day his Chemistry teacher asks him, “How will you find Avogadro’s Number??". He replies, “Go to Menu > Contacts > Avogadro!" Teacher faints.

Time: Now...

Place 5: Chennai


He has come back to Chennai now. The place where it all started. The place where his father rejoiced in his birth. The place where the doctors hailed him precious. He makes it into a good college. He is fantasized by this capital city. His father now decides to make him as a personality ("Good" to” “!!). He thinks "Ezhunooru oora pathavan naanu!, Ithu ena biskoth Chennai!(I have seen several places, What this Chennai is going to change me!)". But he doesn't know by that time that Chennai is going to teach otherwise. First day of his college. He comes to a bus stop near his home. A bus comes packed fully with people. He steps forward to get into the bus. A huge uncle knocks him down and climbs the bus. Somehow he gets into the other bus. He finds very much difficult to stand in the bus with people stamping his legs and pushing him forth and back. He gets down and walks from bus stop to his college. He asks the route to his class and it becomes a wild goose chase. He arrives to the class after a great search and not to his surprise he is late. The professor has started his class. He says him to come for the next class. He stands outside the class for the entire period and enters the class the next period. The lecturer enters and starts taking attendance. He is looking around the class and misses his attendance. He goes to the teacher at the end and asks for attendance. He scolds him for not being attentive and says him that he will put attendance if he answers next class. The next two periods are break and he decides to talk with the new guys. He goes to them. Alas! Those are city boys and he finds humiliated. He goes to the canteen and stands in a long queue to buy a token and when he searches for his purse, it is missing. Tears roll down his cheeks. The afternoon session goes with mixed feelings. He goes to home in a bus and when he is getting down in his stop, a guy pushes him down. He collapses down with little injuries. He walks to home silently. His father finds his unusual sadness and silence as a token of surprise and asked him what had happened. What next happened changed his life!

Our youth says," Appa, appopo nee solratha kelu nu solviye! Ippo sollu kekren! (Dad, You will always ask me to listen to what you say! Now say dad!)". 

His dad smiles and asks him to sit by his side. He starts by saying, “See, you are what you are in this world. That's either one of two things: Either you're somebody, or you aren’t anybody…………..”

As the cliché goes, the rest is history!


Chennai da!!!!!! (In tone of “Mankatha da!!!”)

P.S: Alas! Chennai changed me a lot! That is the only connection with me in this story!


  1. thank you :) sure with your support :)

  2. Initially I thought it is going to be your story. May be it is indeed about you with a tad of fiction here and there. Keep writing :)

  3. Very nice da..I think it has scenes from your story too...!!

  4. ha ha!!! wuz expecting a maami/aunty to push u(as it always happens in MTC buses):D i liked it!! keep writing.. :)

  5. Though seen i have never experienced one :D But i have experienced several huge uncles pushing me from buses :P

  6. Hoi....epdida????ila epdi????!!! nice da:)


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