Sunday, September 16, 2012

Those few breath-taking moments!

He was sitting silently on the wooden bench.

His eyes were transfixed on a book in his lap.

He was thinking whether to look at her or not.

He had already looked at her twice without getting caught.

He escaped her eyes twice.

He thought that it was time for another.

He decided to look up from his book.

He was caught this time while looking into her eyes..

He immediately returned his gaze to the pages of the book.

She also started looking at him.

She fixed her gaze on him.

She stopped her troll and stood at a place standing in a placid manner.

She thought it was time to question him.

She had a mixed feelings.

She didn't notice him for the first two times.

She caught his eyes staring at her the third time.

She definitely wanted to ask him and so pointed at him as she didn't know his name.

She knew that he wouldn't look up from his book and asked his friend who was sitting by his side to call him.

That friend told him, "Hari, She has been pointing at you for a long time. See her. I think she has caught you looking at her. She might ask you something."

Then he mumbled, "No, I don't have an answer!"

There was sweat dripping down his face and beading on his neck out of excitement and fear.

There was a shivering in him at this hot hour of the day.

There settled an eerie silence in the place. It was disturbing him.

There was a rumbling sound arising from his stomach.

There the eyes met. It was a wonderful thing.

Then came out a shrill voice with a question. He was taken aback. He had no answer. He didn't know the end.

"What is the common name for Sodium Bicarbonate?"


  1. nice expression of feeling ... nice ending too :) :)

  2. "There was a rumbling sound arising from his stomach"

    so hungry for fatal attraction LOL! nice... first half was exciting :)

    1. Haha :D Maybe yeah!! :P Thanks my anonymous friend!!!

  3. very expresseive & well written :)


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