Friday, October 5, 2012


A group of three were shouting at him and throwing curses. His face remained calm with a smile on his lips. After some time, they left the place. 

Ram noticed Peter staring at him. Peter was so angry that his eyes were red with fury. He walked towards Ram.

"Why were you silent again?" questioned Peter. 

"Why shouldn't I?" 
"You didn't do anything. Those guys treat you as a sordid one. And you remain silent with a smile.” 
Ram smiled again. 
“When will you get rid of this goddamn nature? Can’t you fight back? Are you a coward?” 

Ram smiled again. This time, it insulted peter. He made a vow never to talk about this to Ram and turned back to leave the place. A sense of touch made him stop. It was Ram who placed his hand on Peter’s shoulder. 

“I am not a coward, Peter. I am neither weak-minded. But the question is why should I fight back when I know the mistake isn't mine?” 

“To make all know that it isn't yours!” 
“Oh Peter, I know it and the God knows it! What’s the point in letting others know this?” 
“Ok! Leave others! They are accusing you and you must retaliate. Am I correct?” 
“Retaliate for what?” 
“To prove that you aren't wrong. Stop this Ram. I am tired of all your non-violence nonsense!” 

“This is not non-violence. This is called living my life.” 
“At the cost of you, you are living your life you fool!” 
“No Peter, Life is too short for grudges. He has been my good friend since my school days and you want me to fight him back? No, I am not going to. I live by a code of conduct and I will abide to it at any cost.” 
“A code of conduct?” 
“Yeah, I will tell you! It’s short and so life is! I call it the SLAP method! 


Smile always. Smile every time. Smile at everyplace. Smile for every action. Your smile will relax everybody’s mood around you. You not only create a good atmosphere for you but also for others. Smile is the best answer to all the questions. If someone comes to you with a problem, smile and help them. If someone complains to you about others, smile and hear them. If someone is happy for their success, smile and congratulate them. Doing everything with a smile changes your attitude of looking it!


To laugh is always superior. Laugh at your own mistakes. Never forget the laughter for it is the best medicine. Crack stupid jokes and make others laugh. Do funny things and let you become the reason for others laughter. Be happy if someone laughs at the expense of you but never do you laugh at others’ expense friend!


Many complain that the loneliness is the most deadly thing in this world. But see that as the chance to admire things around you. See the small things around you. Appreciate the things nature has given you! Taste the dew drop from a leaf to feel its purity. Touch a small baby’s hand to feel its warmth. Hear the sound of the sparrows singing to feel its beauty. See the clouds above you and try to find a pattern in them to feel its calmness. Admire the things around you!


Be patient! Always be patient! Do your work and wait with patience for its result. Perform your duties and wait with patience for its rewards. This is the most important thing for the above three. Try to put up with people even if they are so much mean and irritating. Never let out words for they can’t be picked up later. Never lose your temper.

“Oh I am flattered!” told Peter.
Ram smiled. 
“But this won’t be practical Ram!” 
“This is!” 
“Try to follow this and you will feel a great deal of positive energy radiating from you!” 
“SLAP!” told Peter.

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