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There couldn't be a perfect ending

There is a joint initiative from the experienced bloggers to develop the fiction writing skills of the fellow bloggers. They conduct workshop giving us the basic plot around which we have to build the story. This is the third edition and my first one. This time Leo has given us the basic plot which you can read here. And below is my entry for this round. The entry is also put up in the Indifiction blog here.


I stood frozen for a minute. I stood there like I was paralyzed. Not by the disease but by the incidents. The day couldn't have gone worse than this. I was standing in an orphanage  in my constituency. This was the very orphanage where Sandhya grew after the accident which had taken her parents. The conversation with the old man still haunted me.

“How is Sandhya?” 

“She is fine, sir. She is in fact in a great form helping NGOs in their activities. ”

“I know her social participation. I asked about her health?”

“Health? What is there about her health? She is healthy! May I know who you are and why you are asking this?”

“I am the doctor who used to visit this home once every week some 10 years back. I also used to be the psychiatric advisor for Sandhya. Had not she mentioned me?”

“Psychiatric? What the hell?”

He told the events of ten years back. He also told me how far the accident in which she lost her dear parents had affected and depressed her. He also told me about the abnormal behavior of Sandhya during those days which I have not seen in her since our first meeting. I doubted the doctor but when I called the old manager of the orphanage  he reluctantly accepted the fact. And, I decided to call off the campaign and called my secretary. 

“Call off the campaign which is scheduled for the evening. I am done for the day. I am retiring to home now.”

“Sir, But the party head may question you regarding the cancellation.”

“I will take care of that. Ask the driver to leave home. I will drive to home.”

“Aahh.. Yes sir!”

I felt like the world was falling out of my hands. I had blows back to back today. First was Sandeep’s call in the morning. And now this doctor. Why on earth worst things are happening to me? I haven't done anything bad to anyone. I have been a virtuous guy even to the most sordid ones. I should have been a common man. Only after I had pursued this politics stream, things started going bad. Why did I take up this? I am a politician turned engineer. My blood line is a political one where our duty is to serve people. But I don't know if all the other political bloodlines take an oath to serve people. But mine does. My grandfather served as the finance minister during the tenure of the first Chief Minister of Madras Presidency whereas my father had been a Rajya Sabha member. Though I had plans for starting a management consultancy, I pursued this line due to my father’s death. That was a year back and the party immediately allocated me the same constituency as my father’s but this time it is for the state elections. Yes, I am contesting for the Member of Legislative Assembly from my own constituency. Our party’s rival assumed that this constituency is so easy to pluck from our side and so my party head has tipped me to be a minister once I win this contest.

I had hated this government since my childhood. I hated the corruption and the lazy way of these people. Initially I protested against my father’s idea of joining the party but eventually gave it in. It was my mother who advised me that I could change the way in which the government is working. So I took up this field thinking that I could put my part in cleaning up the country and that I have enough money as bank balance and a lot of assets and liabilities. I am doing well in this campaign now and I am genuine. I have earned a huge respect and response from the locals. My wife is giving me ideas and suggestions as far the promises are concerned. The polls conducted by the media and the college students are in favor of me. This campaign is a taxing one and I could not have done this without Sandhya. She gives me the moral support and the self-confidence which is the most needed one for the victory. Sandhya! I married Sandhya who worked in the same company where I worked. When she joined my office, the first information I learnt about her was that her parents were long dead in an accident. I also heard that she stayed at an orphanage teaching small kids there. My sympathy for her had turned into love. There was a little protest from my father's side initially but my mother cajoled him to accept and we have been leading a great life so far except this problem which is troubling my mind.

I rode my new wine red BMW X6 in NH-66 at a speed of 125 Kms/Hr. A speed too high for a soft person like me and a road of this type. As usual, I switched on my Music Player which started playing songs in a shuffle. The conversations with Doctor and Sandeep went on in my sub-conscious mind. I am devastated and the mirror showed my worried face. I planned the way I am going to tell her about Sandeep and ask her about the doctor. I called her but she didn’t pick up the call. I didn’t try for the second time. What if Sandeep has done the way he had told? Anyhow, I made a vow that I should not hurt her by my words.


This could not be happening to me. He is not the kind Sandeep told me. Sandeep should have done it for the money. I think I saw fury and greed in his eyes. He should be a sordid and a horrendous one. But on the contrary what if the photos were true and not morphed? What if Sandeep is true? What if my husband has cheated me? Oh no, Deepak is a trustworthy-one. I can count on him. But these photos are showing me that I am wrong. God please be merciful. Please tell me that I am wrong and Deepak is not. Please help me. I wailed.

“Amma!” The servant-maid called me. 


“I heard you shouting and sobbing. Any problem?”

“Are you eaves-dropping? Now get to the ground floor and do your goddamn work you stupid nut less crack!” I shouted.

She apparently went to a state of trauma for a moment, stood there for a minute and left. She had not seen me in this hysterical state. No one else had. My gaze returned to the photos. These photos have showed my psychic nature which hid in me for a long time. I feared that I will let all loose if I see Deepak.

I had none other than Deepak in this world to rely on, to tell things, to share happiness, to spend time with, and to believe completely. I cannot stand if he has cheated me. I wish I had not seen Sandeep today morning. I wish I had not talked to him. I wish I had not seen the photos. I wish I had not believed them. I wish.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!”

I tried to recall his face and his hideous conversation.

It was around 9 A.M. in the morning. Someone rang the door bell. 

“Saravana, See who it is!”

“Okay mam.”

After brief moments, Saravanan came to my room and told me that the guest was a friend of Deepak and his name was Sandeep. I told Saravanan to make him wait in the living room and provide him something to eat. He left the place. I dressed properly and got down the stairs. I had not seen him before and that was our first encounter. God knows how many are still left with him.

“Hi, I am Sandeep. I am an old friend of your better half Mr.Deepak! I worked as his assistant in his office.”

“Hi Sandeep!”

He smiled curving his lips. I didn't feel comfortable with that guy unsure about the reason. I felt uneasy. I often shifted my position in my seat. I felt as if I am exposed in front of him. I wanted to run away covering to my room. I gazed into his dark blue eyes. The eyelids closed and opened almost incessantly. He had combed his hair like a corporate with a straight silver line separating his scalp into two equal halves. He had a shaven face except for a small puff of hair below his lower lip. He was wearing a jean and a T-shirt with a coolers in it. His shoes were polished well. It almost shone. This guy could easily attract anyone. A lady of any sort, kind and living. But his same eyes also showed me that he should be cold-blooded. I wondered why he should be so persistent in meeting me! I also concluded that I should finish my meeting with this guy as soon as possible! I went straight into the matter!

“So, Sandeep what brings you here in the absence of my husband? Shall I make a call asking him to come home for an hour or so? He should be pleased to meet you like I do now.”

Well, I should say that he was actually shaken hearing a statement of this kind! He looked deeply troubled yet he maintained his sexy smile.

“That would not be necessary maam. He should be busy in his campaign. I wish that he wins.”

“That’s so nice of you!”

“So how is your husband? Is he well? Has he mentioned about me?”

“He is absolutely fine. Had you watched televisions, you would have known his elegance. And sorry, he had not mentioned a lot about you but that you always pestered him for money sir!”

“How could he possibly tell only that?”

“Why not sir? Why should not he mention about your annoyance in this matter?”

He frowned for a second but regained his composure almost immediately.

“Didn't he tell anything at all other than this?”

“What are you expecting him to tell me about you sir possibly other than this?”

For the second time, I made him frown though I felt uneasy.

“Oh he would certainly create a bad image about me. For I know his dark secrets!”

I wanted to shout out “You Bastard, get out now!” But my curiosity took the better of me. There it ended up with a few photos of my husband and a girl named Aruna. The ringing of the doorbell brought me back to present. I prayed that it shouldn't be my husband.

“Coming, sir!” Saravanan said. 


I recalled my conversation with Sandeep. He was my assistant in the company at Bangalore. To cut short, he is a grievous squalid money-laundering monster. He set out his girls to be close with the rich guys and shoots photos to make money. That was his work in Chennai. Bangalore was a new place for him and he was quiet for a few years. Then he started his monstrous work. Once in a party, he set out one girl to talk to me.

“Hey, Deepak. I work in your rival company. And I am a great fan of your Economic policies and Management techniques.”

“Thank you!” I managed a smile.

“Let us have a sip of beer!” She called me.

“I don’t drink! Thanks for the invite.”

“Ha, here is the teetotaler! Hey one night ya” She pulled me by my hand. I lost my balance and fell over her. Immediately I withdrew from the floor. Actually I withdrew from her. But she didn't leave me. I realized there were a few flashes but could not spot them. I stormed out of the place. I heard her curses. I don’t even know her name. I tried to locate her in that company the next day and it ended up that there was no person in that name.

I came to know that it should have been the work of Sandeep from one of my buddies in Chennai and he actually praised me for controlling myself. I fired him immediately yet he never troubled me with those photos he had. I wondered. A decade has passed since then.

He must have planned it. With the election in 10 days, he called me and threatened me to withdraw from the contest else he would hand over the photos to the media. I wondered what could be the reason? I controlled my fury and told him to do whatever he can for I was clean. He told that he would show me a sample today and I would learn that sample from my home. I understood all about that. He had threatened to show those photos to my Sandhya.

I tried not to care about this and continued with my campaign and that is where I heard that devastating news. I was deeply troubled about Sandhya rather than her problem. Why the hell didn't she confide in me that she has under gone the psychiatric advice? I was in a complete dilemma whether to tell Sandhya about Sandeep or not. I decided against it thinking that it might trigger her mental problem. I looked to my side to see the mind-blowing airport. I am admired by the sight of it and it promised me of a great Tamilnadu in future. I reached home and parked my car in the shed.

I hate to wear Dhoti which is a necessary dress (A uniform) for politicians down south. And so I was wearing a shirt and a pant which is neither too formal nor too casual. I walked reluctantly and came to the front door. I rang the bell.

“Coming, Sir!” yelled Saravanan.


Here he is at last. Nothing is happening today as per my wish. Sandeep’s meet. My rage took the better of me today. I watched the broken vases and the crumbled papers. For the first time after several years from that ghostly night, I felt that I am unprotected. I lost my parents in an accident. That is what I told everyone including Deepak. But that was not true. I looked at the only memory of my parents. My father’s watch. I don’t remember all of it. Yet I remember the most important part.

His smile. We were all travelling in a Sumo to our place in Gujarat. Other than three of us, there was one more in the car. He was my father’s partner and he was driving the car. He stopped it in the highway and told that he needed to take a piss. Suddenly there were people around the car. It all happened in an instant. I saw the dead bodies of my parents and the partner’s smile. He threw me out and drove the Sumo back with my parents. With their dead bodies. I begged for my every day food. At times when people mock at me, I used to bite them or scratch them that they considered me dangerous and threw me in the orphanage. I had some doctors who slowly controlled my rage and made me what I am today. I have not confided my darkest secret of me to anyone. The only people who knew that I had undergone psychiatric tests were the doctor and the home’s supervisor. That supervisor was dead years ago and that doctor is in America now. No one else could know this I thought.

I had controlled my rage for all my married years but now I let it loose. God save me. Someone knocked my door.


It is my husband’s voice!

I didn't know if I should open the door showing him the ugly face of mine and seeing his face. There were the broken vases and in the bed were some photographs. I cried. I chided my parents for not taking me with them. But Deepak is not just a man for me. He loved me a lot. He has been protecting me like a child for all these years. I struggled between my doubt and love. I wanted to ask him the question. I wanted to ask him about the photographs plucking his collar. I strolled towards the door and opened it. There he was standing with tears in his eyes. Oh, he knew about the photographs. His tears mean that they are true. I am betrayed but I see love in his eyes.


The front door opened. And Saravanan immediately told about the visit of my friend. I immediately knew who that visitor could be. I was annoyed and I knew that things would not the same between me and Sandhya as before though I would explain the details. I didn't know what to do. I could not see her anywhere in the hall or in the living room. I stormed in and looked. The stairs were empty from where she usually smiles at me when I enter the home. I easily noticed that her door was bolted on the inside which is unusual. I threw myself on the sofa. Tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn't do anything for I am helpless. Shit! Things have gone wrong because of me. I must do something to ease the situation. I slowly climbed up the stairs. And there I stood in front of her door. I heard her sobs. Suddenly everything went blank in my mind. I turned around to my room but decided against it. I knocked the door.

“Sandhya!” I called her.

After a few seconds, she opened the door. I saw tears in her eyes. She was sobbing.


There was a tension in the surrounding air. There prevailed an eerie silence for neither of them spoke. Deepak entered the room and the first thing to get his attention was the photographs in the bed. Later he also noticed the broken vases and the crumbled papers. He knew that he had brought her former-self back. He chided himself for that.

None spoke. Not even the echo of any faintest sound hit their ear membrane. Both stared at each other. There was an unconditional love in the eyes of both of them. There started a mute conversation between them.

“What you could tell about this Mr. Deepak?”

“Please let me explain!”

“I didn't expect this Deepak. I thought that you are the world to me. I thought I could trust you at any circumstance. You betrayed me!”

Tears rolled over Deepak’s cheeks. And there were tears in her eyes well. Sandhya thought that she had it all wrong. It was Deepak who gave her a feeling that she too was adorable. It was Deepak who gave her a reason to live. It was Deepak who helped her earn a huge respect in the society. She thought that he could not have betrayed her. But these photographs?

“I saw your doctor!” He motioned towards her father’s watch and those broken vases.

“I thought that…” Before she could complete, Bhuvana yelled from the hall.

“Amma, the guy who visited our home today morning was arrested for threatening the rich by the photographs he took taking advantage of the unexpected situation with the help of the girls he hired. The police are telling that there are several business tycoons who have lodged a complaint against him for his threats.”

She chided herself for her momentary doubt. She slowly turned her gaze from him. He too didn't want to ask her about her psychiatric tests.

“We must not let our dog into the bedroom here after. See the damage it has done.” Deepak laughed.

“We must not let the stray dogs enter our gate even. See what it has done to us.” Sandhya too laughed.

She ran towards him and hugged him. He concluded that things would not be the same as before. But it would be much better than before!


  1. Loved how you built up the climax! wonderfully narrated.

  2. Hi Hari.. Thats a great screenplay on the basic plot given.. I didnt know so far that you write so nice stories..

    One doubt in this story line.. As per basic plot, the couples are nearing their second anniversery.. but as per your story they are aged with their daughter married. Can you clarify??

    1. Thanks so much for that :) And yes that was my result for being dumb.. I noticed it after sending my mail to the workshop! And only a single line revealed that I guess and I am happy that you ve read it completely that you found out! Hereafter, I should check out the plot for every now and then while writing the story....

  3. Nice! n Love that you used my Name!! :P ;)

    1. Thanks :D Ans is that your name? hahaha That's the name they gave in plot :P


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