Friday, December 21, 2012

Is today the only doomsday?

The doomsday has arrived at last. It is said to be today! 21.12.2012. The very hype started a few years back and it has been progressing exponentially from then till today. The very same day after which Mayan's calendar ceases to exist. The very same day, on which disasters are expected to end the world. The very same day on which numerous number of articles are being written! The very same day, on which the posts, tweets, statuses, messages, chats, conversations have been going on at an alarmingly increased rate over the past few months. But I have a few questions!

Will this be the first time the earth is going to get destroyed? 

Is this the first doomsday for our beloved earth?
Will a meteorite hit us? Or a powerful earthquake?
Or a whirling Tsunami? Or a nuclear disaster? 

No, not any of the above! And to much surprise, this is not gonna be our first doomsday! We have had several dooms days! A couple of days back, our country witnessed one of the worst dooms days in its history! I am ashamed to tell you all what had happened to a girl in our Capital! I am abashed to be a useless citizen who could do nothing but only to pour my hatred on such people. I am distressed to be a common one not capable of doing anything except writing an article condemning it.

A girl was molested and groped at and beaten up in full view of the public in Guwahati a few months back. That wound is yet to heal in our hearts and within a few months another incident happens. India witnessed its doomsday a few months back in July when a teenager was pushed out of a moving train as she resisted their attempts to rape her. This is what we should call doomsday and not some natural calamity. It witnessed its another doomsday ten months back in West Bengal when a lady was pushed out of a train and was raped before being robbed.

There are several articles flying around against the accused and some against India! They state "India is a country full of rich tradition. It is so horrible for incidents of such type to happen here". I wish to tell those people that this incident is not a matter concerned with Indian tradition. This would have happened anywhere. Anywhere around the world. And if you wish to condemn, please do it against those men and not against India. They rape not because there are no strict rules, not because they are powerful, not because the people are timid, not because the women they rape don't struggle, not because they can escape easily and legally too, not because they are sex thirsty monkeys, not because they are urged by the costumes women wear, but because they are rapists.

Don't tell your women to be safe around but tell your men to respect the women around. Don't tell your women to dress carefully not exposing their parts but your men not to look at them. Don't tell your women to be traditional but your men to be traditional. Don't tell your women to not to flirt around but your men not to take advantage. Don't tell your women to resist the rape but your men not to attempt it. Don't tell your women not to get raped, but your men not to rape. Don't tell your women to remain strong after such incidents but your men to feel ashamed. 

Education, awareness or advice won't change things happening this way across the world. But only the judgement! The serious penalty will teach all those squalid men to respect the women. Giving those accused a penalty, a life imprisonment or even death sentence would never stop from the next incident happening. Something more only will prevent these tragedies.

I am talking to those affected women. Hey, I am really ashamed at the tragedy happened to you! But I am furious and I know that you too are. None except you has the right to punish those who hurt you. We are ready to give the power to you. Hurt them more than they hurt you. Hurt them so that none would ever think of an incident like this. Hurt them so that no other female of this world has to undergo the tragedy you had undergone. Hurt them so that all the men respect women. Hurt them so that you avenge your hurt! Hurt them my lady, hurt them!

To all the parents around the globe! Please teach your children what respect is, before you teach them what sex is! Please teach your children that there is a duty called "Duty to respect women", before you tell them who women are! Please teach your children that there is NO right called "Right to rape", before you tell them what rape is!

There can never be a doomsday worse than this day. There was never and there will be never.


  1. Thought it was cool to flip the problem with gender. Both sexes should make a unified effort to prevent such things from happening. It seems that males pay less attention seeing as there are fewer publicized cases of men being victims of rape. I still see some who(whom?)even in college talk with the mentality that women are inferior, leading to our ignorance(I'm male by the way) in matters where women are dominantly victims. I guess we can say the same for children. Stemming such atrocities is possible only if both sides are educated about such things... Do you have any statistics that compare India to the rest of the world? Bluntly stating Indian tradition has nothing to do with this problem seems a bit ignorant. We are conditioned to think based on our environments..

    1. Children case can be greatly included... But I wished to talk about the incident which is the current scenario and with respect to male victims, the cases are not so open and are very few... Indian tradition really hasn't got anything to do with this but only to blame the part of the people... Yes, we have not seen it as a greater problem but the time has led us now to see this as one of the most horrible crimes in the world...

  2. I think you cannot hold the rapist as an isolated entity. Our society and the way we deal with crime plays a very important role in such incidents.

    1. I accept that rapists are the not an isolated entity.. But the other crimes are not done thinking that the affected are inferior but only the rapes, molestation or the public humiliation of women... More than society it depends on the individuals who view it in their vision... Thanks Amit..

  3. What has happened in Delhi (an in so many places elsewhere) is so shameful and disgusting! It is time that the psyche, the mindset changes about women. Yes, it has to start with the families... as parents we need to teach a lot to our sons, about respecting women, ensure that there are no gender stereotypes!

    1. Exactly, There are no gender stereotypes! Individuals needs realization and that will help change the society.... Thank you :)


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