Friday, March 8, 2013

My mother is a woman and I need no other reason!

Women's day! International Women's day! What do I envision for the Women in Chennai? The question is not this! The question is not about the individual's opinion on Women. The question should be "What does the society envision for the Women in the current scenario?". Well, after so many brutal and inhuman incidents against them, people will quote rights, safety, laws, self-protection and so many as the major demands. We should start from the scratch I guess!

Almost all have dominant role playing women in their life. I am in no way an exception to that! My mother is one of the very few persons in this mortal world I am looking up to. Well I also have a small lovely sister! A lot of friends who are from this side and a lot of acquaintances too! Everyone in this God-created world must have realized the importance of women in their lives. If not the entire femininity, but at least mother, sisters, aunts, friends (Female), wife, daughters and so on. If these women take extra care on their men counter parts, the world will always be glorious. I am not blaming that everything is their responsibility but I am telling that things will be remarkable if they handle their men counterparts correctly.

What does this society envision for women?

W - Will power

O - Optimistic

M - Maturity

E - Enthusiastic

N - Noble

I recently saw a question in Quora! "Why don't we find girls doing as good in quizzing as their male counterparts?" One female quizzer replied this way, "I've taken part in my fair share of college-level quizzes and while never great or anything, I managed to win a few. On my way to food stalls after one such quiz, I overheard the all-male team from another college ribbing each other and laughing about how it was a damn shame the way they got beat by girls. My eyes burned hotly with tears and I cannot explain in words how angry and impotent I felt at that moment. It might not sound like a big deal and maybe I should have laughed it off, but I was much younger then, more fragile and thin-skinned and those random men had made me feel pretty spectacularly worthless." 

We still see them as weaker sex of the society! Once these views change, the entire concept will inverse! If you really think that they are weaker sex of the society, let me tell you something. You would not have been on this earth if not for a woman. Your mother! Your day mostly starts with her waking you up. Before you go to bath, your clothes will be kept ironed. By the time you finish, she will serve you hot breakfast with lunch packed. She will keep worrying about you if you don't give her a call after reaching your workplace. When you come back, she will give you a hot or a cold beverage depending on your mood which she will know it from your face! Which other woman you need to respect the femininity on this world? She is the embodiment of all women on this earth. Had you at least thought about your mother once, you would have never thought to degrade other women in this society. Each woman in this world attains that "MOTHER" role at some point of her life. If not for her character or actions, give the respect for this role of her. 

A serious doubt here! We, both the genders, have given the due respect for
great women in history. Mother Teresa, Margaret Thatcher, Medha Patkar, Irom Sharmila, Rani Laxmi Bhai, Queen Victoria, Marie Curie, Indira Gandhi, Suu Kyi, Helen Keller and many. They also belong to this "so-called female section" of the society but we give them their due credit. Why is this partiality for these great women? One might answer that they all serviced and sacrificed. You think your "MOTHER" has not serviced and sacrificed? Bringing you up to hear your swear words is both service and sacrifice. Respect them! Many of us here will have sisters or female cousins. We just move our lips when we tell that single line of Pledge! "All Indians are my brothers and sisters!" Do we really think like that? If so, the Delhi incident would not have taken place! Many of us have friends who are female and yet we don't consider them equal. Today is one of my best friend's birthday who is a female! I am wishing her through this post.

We Indians have certain principles which quote Women as the embodiment of sacrifice and fragility more than any other country! We call our country Mother India. We have given feminine names to all the rivers in our country. We call our language as mother tongue! One step ahead, in myth, Shiva has given half of his body to his female counterpart Shakthi and Vishnu has given a place for Lakshmi in his heart. These may be myth yet these concepts are spread through out to make us realize the importance of this section of the society.

One may consider me as an active feminist or so! Irrespective of that, I have a cause and reason to see them equal to men! I respect them because I respect my mother, sister and my friends! I see them like I see men! Hope this International Women's day creates a change in the perspective on them!

P.S: This post is written as a part of CBC's a week long marathon on account of International Women's day! I thank Susan Deborah (Admin of CBC) for asking me to write! 


  1. Valid points here. Harikrishna, you're improving in your posts day by day and it's seen evidently. I wish more people start thinking like you do.

    Joy always,

    1. ha! That was really great one :) Thanks for your comment :) Happy women's day :)

  2. Good one! And yes, mommies are THE best. :)

    1. Yeah! Definitely they are :) Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Good one.

    Yes, mommies are THE best. I really hope everyone thinks the way you do.

    1. Double Dhamaka? :P Two comments in same post? :D Thank you again :D

  4. Glad to note some wonderful thoughts... hope we have more people thinking like you!

  5. Fantastic post, Harikrishna. Happy Women's Day !!

    1. Thank you :) and Happy Women's day :)

  6. Replies
    1. Hah! Sure mam :) Happy Women's day :)

  7. Written right from the heart.


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