Saturday, February 22, 2014

He is an adamant, egotistic, self-centered Jackass.

I saw him walking past my room, in his usual three piece suit, heading towards his office. His assistant followed him with eyes showing fear. He is feared by all who have known him,all who have heard about him and all who have talked with him. All except one, and that's me. I am not an intrepid hero living among the cowards. I am his partner and also used to be his friend, when you all didn't know him. 

"He is an adamant, egotistic, self-centered Jackass." 

I heard one of the people nearby whispering to his friend. 

"That guy in that 3-million dollar suit has no life. He is always about getting things done."

I smiled.

"He should have never known the word 'enjoy'. I've never seen him smile. I've never seen anything else except his stern look." 

I laughed. I looked at that Jackass who was throwing orders around.

"How can a guy be so asocial? In fact anti-social? The word is that he had never had a casual talk in his life."

That's enough. I walked towards the door and shut it close. 

I know much more than what you all know. I sat down on a sofa asking my assistant not to send anyone in. It has been 2 years since he stopped talking to me. On this day two years back, his birthday, I arranged a surprise party for him and I had thrown myself out of his life. Not two years back, he has been this way since his college days. 

Back then, he was that innocent kid who loves to pull others' leg. He loved those evenings with friends, TV shows marathon, those chat shops for a snack, parties for friends' birthdays, games at places and he did what all normal kids would do. He enjoyed his life. I have always wondered whether it was, whatever had happened, worthy for this change. It doesn't matter what I thought. He thought it mattered and here is he, changed. 

As all the other similar stories, it was a girl. But these were not lovers. Definitely not the type who would hang out together always, sit and talk for hours, give loads of presents, roam to different places, talked 24X7 or told their every single move . They had not even traveled in the same bus many times, they did not even hold their hands, they never sat together alone for more than minutes. But he liked her and thought that she was going to be his best friend and he was somehow special to her. 

His life at home was not so caring as the care was always towards the other guy in his home. He was supposed to be the child who should always understand the situation. He did and her care showed him a new walk of life. He didn't know that she was caring by nature and thought that he was unique to her. They became close to share things but always with a limit. He knew that he should never cross that limit. 

We all have close friends. Different close friends. Different times. Different people close to us during different times. Like these parties which form alliance with various parties through out their existence, one party during one election and next during the other. We are not to be blamed. We are programmed to function that way by the nature. And there are a few parties which never understand this trick. A devilish trick. They try to stand just and lose elections. Lose their party altogether. Everyone forgets the party totally. 

He was one such party. She had three or four close ones at that time. It was not her fault. She was being normal and he was, indeed, abnormal. Who, on this earth, remain close to one and only that one through out? Even the marriages, which are supposed to be decided in heavens, fall apart. How would this friendship last? His other friends, who are not emotionally attached, remained emotionally unattached. I tried to speak sense to him. He would just not listen.

The season changed, so did the election, so did her closeness. Time to move. She moved on. Leaving him stranded in a swamp! A marsh! A deadly marsh. He was left alone. Her leaving him was not the fault. He, being left alone, was the fault. The world, the bloody world, thought he was in love. He wasn't. All he had was a friendship. A caring friendship. One would question me, Why didn't I be his caring friend. I had my own alliance. Sorry, but I tried to talk to him. But he spoke to none. Not a word. 

Apart from her, me and a few others, he closed his world. He also exists in her world. As a contact in her cellphone, with a name appended with some form of remembering key. As a Facebook friend whom she would never notice in a crowd of 1000 friends. Whom she would wish, posting a "Happy Birthday" note on his wall. He would remain a guy to whom  she would send her Marriage invitation. 

What am I doing here? Well, maybe next time!


  1. Hari this was bloody brilliant my friend - pain can only be understood when it is experienced personally. It should be 3-million dollar suite!

  2. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.


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