Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Art of the Humiliated

The holy place of Varanasi is famous not only for its historic divinity but also for its shelter to a large number of human beings, animals and plants. This story of a seed dates back to the Before Christ period where several inspirational people filled the land of the Hindustan. Yet it was the famous Kali Yuga where the bad personalities such as anger, lust, racism etc., existed. It was the very much beginning of this Yuga so that even the small hurts caused to the people were considered as sin. Humiliation, insult, ignorance, inferiority accounted a lot.

There was a big banyan tree near the banks of the sacred Ganges in Varanasi. The story is not about this tree but about a seed. This tree was considered sacred and was worshipped by the people of that place. This tree bore a large number of fruits and leaves. It was magnificent and blissful. The fruits of the tree when they fall down were taken by the people to their home and worship it. This tradition continued. Every day there will be at least a new fruit hanging from the tree. Once there was a heavy downpour in that place causing a lot of catastrophic damage. The huge tree also suffered a great loss losing some of its branches and aerial prop roots. Every part of the tree was crying out loud and was angry at the nature for having done this. One of the old parts of the tree suddenly shouted out " Its the bad luck of that new fruit which is born today. Its bad fate has led us all to sufferings. Lets abandon it." It was the senior part of that tree and almost everybody accepted that. It prayed and begged a lot telling that its nature's effect and not it's bad luck. But no one listened. The branch shook and the fruit fell down. #First Humiliation.

This fruit started weeping. No one listened to its crying. It had no idea as of what to do next. It prayed to God requesting Him to kill it or at least that it should be eaten by some animal. It was a one-day old fruit. It had time to die. Several beings passed by but none noticed it. After a day a rat came by the place, saw this fruit and wished to eat it. When it was about to, a large python grabbed the rat and helped its stomach. Is the fruit really bad lucked one? #Second fear.

The python didn't leave the fruit. It tried to pick that with its fangs but it dropped it. It became a poisoned fruit. Now the same fruit prayed God that none should take it. The fate! A small boy picked up the fruit and bit it. Thus came the effects with the boy getting instantly poisoned and he fainted. People witnessing this took the boy to the doctor. This fruit became a poisonous fruit. They ran behind the fruit and smashed and burnt it for it should take no one's life further. #Third Misery.

The fruit was dying out of the burns and it let its only seed to come out. Till now even it had suffered all the bad things. The fruit died advising the seed to go to Ganges to get rid of its poison. The seed went to the Ganges and washed itself with the water. Its bad luck that it drowned in the river. #Fourth Bad luck!

The seed fortunately lands in a place far away. It was unconscious for a long time. There was periodical rainfall and sunshine. This helped the seed to grow as a plant and then a tree. A century after this seed became a huge fig tree with poisonous creatures around. People feared to come near it and the other tress started making fun of it. No one came forward to clean it. #Fifth Insult!

A bright morning! It woke up and saw a stranger sitting under it. It was wondering who it could be for no one wished to come near it. It didn't know. He continued to sit for a long time with his arms folded over his laps. The poisonous creatures were gone. The tree became bright. They started worshipping the stranger after a long time including the tree. One day the stranger left. People from far places came to see the tree where the stranger was sitting. The situation was exactly the reverse. It tried to overhear who the stranger was and why they were worshipping it. 

"Whats the speciality about the tree?"
"Its the Bodhi tree under which Lord Buddha meditated!"

The tree started crying happily! # Last Happiness, Success, Joy, Pride!

P.S: This is pure imagination. Nothing factual! Sorry that its a bit lengthy :D


  1. Nice imagination.. an interesting story.. Keep writing nd keep rocking..


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