Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bloody name please!

This post is going to be a drama! Watch out for dialogues!

Amma to Vasudev: Dei Vasudeva, Go for that marriage da. Its next weekend only and you 'll be free here. Attend please!
Vasudev: No amma, I am not going. Do not compel me.

(Phone rings)
Vasudev: Hello
Dad: Hello Vasudev, One person wants to speak to you! Find out who it is!
(Oh not again! His dad has this habit of giving the phone to a person whom he is supposed to identify!)

Vasudev: Appa! No, not again please. Tell his name and give him the phone. Appa!

(Silence. He finds out that the phone is being handed to some one else!)
The person: Hi Thambi, How are you?
Vasudev: I am fine... (What should be his age?) Uncle! How are you? 

(From now on the author has decided to call "The person" as "Uncle".)

Uncle: Yeah pa. I am fine too. Can you recognize me? You must have seen me in your childhood.
(Here comes the catastrophe! Oh you seem to know that I have seen you in my childhood and yet you are asking this! I would have hit you in your face if you had been in front of me!)
Vasudev: Aaaahhh... Hmmmm... Errrr..

Uncle to Dad: It seems he doesn't remember me! I will tell him my name!
Dad: Don't tell him! He definitely would not have forgotten your name. May be he could not recognize your voice! I will give him a hint!

(Shit! They are playing with me!)

Dad: Dei, You remember the uncle who amma often used to talk about?
Vasudev: Which one? Mamma speaks about a lot!
Dad: Dei that uncle who used to mock you in your childhood days. You used to tell "Thakali" as "Kathali" and "kappal" as "Pakkal".
Vasudev: Oh! Him! 


Uncle: Happa! You remember me! You still misspell "kathali" for Thakali"? Hahaha!
Vasudev: No uncle! For God's sake I am twenty years old! You still expect me to misspell words? No uncle!
Uncle: Just Kidding! ........... (Talking)

After 10 mins,

Uncle: (Talking)

After 30 mins,

Uncle: (Talking)

After one hour,

Uncle: Ok bye! I have talked for an hour but it seems like ten minutes. I will come to Chennai next weekend! I will meet you then!
Vasudev: Bye uncle!

(Hangs down the receiver)

Vasudev to amma: Next weekend I am leaving for that marriage to Madurai!

(I must never attend my dad calls here after. Even if I attend, I should cut the phone immediately if he passes it to a person without telling me his bloody name!)


  1. Replies
    1. Haha :D Thanks for dropping by and reading!!

  2. Nice one! :D appava kalaikariyaa apona?

    1. Light ah :D :P But only the theme is real not the entire one :P Thanks for commenting :) Keep reading :)

  3. Writing your own story :P It's ok.. Nice one.. Keep going..


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