Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bang bang bang

There I was sitting in front of the computer seeing and enjoying The Big Bang Theory in a hot summer evening. I am always amused by the explanatory statements of Dr. Sheldon Cooper. I was trying to imitate his style of knocking one's door for the past few days.

("[knock knock knock] Penny! [knock knock knock] Penny! [knock knock knock] Penny!" being the most common).

There was a similar on my door then.

"[knock knock knock] Hari! [knock knock knock] Hari! [knock knock knock] Hari!"

It was my mom. I asked her what it was. She replied that she had some errands to run and that she needed me to take her out. I prayed God that that should not be another dress-purchase job. I had never felt anything else so awkward, dumb or idiotic than go to a textile shop. I switched off my system, put my shirt on and came out. I asked her where we were going. She said that she would tell me on the way. I then had little idea that a collateral damage awaited me. We were past the familiar streets of our neighborhood.

"Drive to Seeman textiles!" said my mom.
"What?!! Oh My Holy God! Shit!"

I applied sudden brakes. My mom gave a hysterical villain smile. I knew somehow that that was going to be yet another dumb dress-purchase.

"Why didn't you tell me before starting?" I asked.
"Drive!" A monosyllabic reply.

We came to the shop and yes, I have a fear of shops. For Goodness' sake, I did bring my headset. I put it on and started listening to some music.

"Aren't you coming inside?"
"No Way!"

[It's too late to apologize... Its too late... hoo-hah... ]

I noticed the shop opposite to which I was standing. It was a snack shop. There was a customer standing and complaining about the size of the samosa. "It is too small and so I'll pay only Rs.2 for each and not Rs.3" and I started laughing.

[Kodana kodi athil kulipom...]

"Please move your vehicle sir. I need to park mine."
I got down and lifted it and moved it aside.

[Waka waka eh eh...]

"Please move your vehicle sir. I need to take out mine."
"Shit!" I got down and lifted it and moved it aside.

[Marugo marugooo...]

It started drizzling which was in resonance with my mom's call from the shop. I went in cursing the rain.

"Select one shirt from the ones I have put down!"
I did one without even noticing.
"Now don't go out in the rain. Stand here itself."

[Paal poleh pathinaaru... enakoru girlfriend venumada...]

I went and stood near a mannequin (male, of course!). The shop was crowded and I was watching people shouting, laughing, talking, whispering, musing and everything. A lady was looking every section for the past two hours and ordered the people there to take and show all the clothes. At last she bought a small handkerchief. 

[Aal izz well... ]

"Hey don't stand in the way!" A boy from that shop said in an awkward tone seeing my headset. I moved. It had been two hours since I had started from home. I went near my mom and asked if her purchase was over. She said that she still had to. I started becoming peevish. I just wanted to run from that place. 

[Anjana anjana... ]

Suddenly a voice.
"Enada dress vanga vanthiya inga?" (Did you come here to buy a dress?)
"Illa paal vanga vanthen!" (No, I came to buy milk!)
"Ippovum athe mari thamasha pesra da!" (You are talking amusingly like always)
I gave a grin.
"Amma engada?" (Where is your mom?)
"Anga!" (Over there)

[Beautiful... beautiful...]

This aunt increased my duration there. She talked a two-month story to my mom. I was red. Mom, it's getting too late. At last she came out.

"Pathiya evalo seekram mudichuten!" (See how quick did I finish my purchase?)
"Romba seekram!" (So fast!)

I started my bike making a firm decision in my mind that I ll never come out without asking about the place! There was a sound in my head.

"[Bang bang bang] Hari! [Bang bang bang] Hari! [Bang bang bang] Hari!"

P.S: While I am writing this, my mom is knocking my door and asking me to get ready 
to take her out. "Oh shit!"


  1. hey simply superb da.. keep writing :)

  2. ha ha ha, enjoyed reading this one. i love shopping but only when i go alone.

    1. :) Thanks for dropping by here :) I completely dislike shopping though :D


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