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That was the moment Dabeet has been waiting for the past 7 years. Dabeet means warrior. His parents had chosen him the right name. The elegant hall in the very famous hotel of Pune was filled with the authorities, some politicians and the press people. Midst them Dabeet's revenge was standing with a grin in his face. His name was famous then , "Adrian!" Its a personification of dark. There were several cliched clicking sounds of camera. 

"Sir, one photo please."
"Sir, How do you feel at this moment?"

Dabeet looked at the room and its grand stylish adorable decorations. His dad would have loved seeing him in that room. He might be looking him. 


Two days back,

The shooting order was given. It was a thick forest more like a maze.The very famous encounter specialists with a few locals went inside the woods. Adrian was one among them and he was in-charge of that encounter. No one then knew this was going to be his another FAKE one. That forest was said to be under the control of a terrorist group.He wanted fame. He wanted pride. He wanted money. He wanted popularity. So he took efforts to get that shooting order. Rightly, he was named Adrian!

He went inside towards the center. No signs of weapons or terrorist personified people. Only common people were wandering for their daily wages collecting fire woods and herbs. His blood boiled and he suddenly shouted "Open fire!" After several gunshots, a dozen of people were lying dead. There was no resist from them for they were common people. Two of them were arrested with fatal injuries. 

There is a famous joke. "If you cant catch a tiger, catch a cat and beat until it accepts that its a tiger!" That happened. Both of them were tortured and they accepted for no more they could accept pain. One of those two died in the prison. 


Newspaper hailed Adrian as a great, courageous officer. There were several functions held by various ministries to felicitate him. This was one such function. Dabeet was watching him.

"Sir, This is your another famous encounter. How did you get that courage to go deep inside that dark woods where no one else dared to go?"

"Several thoughts were going through my mind. But i was very much determined to destroy them. I wanted to win this patriotic game so all i said to myself was "Nation, nation, nation!!!""

(Applause sound) Dabeet could no more resist.

"Sir, whom do you want to thank at this moment?"

"My Nation, head, family, other officials who helped me and every single citizen of this countryyyyyyyyyyyyyy  aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh"

"sirrrrrrr," people yelled. Blood was spurting on to the floor from a massive bullet wound in his chest.

"Catch him!" came out orders. Dabeet dint run away instead he came forward and stood with a pride in his face surrendering himself. 

"Let this be a lesson!" said Dabeet. 

(Adrian sat transfixed and in fact he was dying.)


Papers and news channels flashed his face the next day. Innocent people were watching this person through out the day. 

The Police asked him the usual first question," Why did you do that?"

"Because he was my uncle!" said Dabeet.


P.S: There are several incidents happening even today across the country. Should not we help and save those innocent people from fake encounters? Wasn't Dabeet a true soldier? (In social awakening!)


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