Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Detective Kokonut and Inspector Jaan

"Yet another murder!" cried an orderly.
"How did you find out?" asked the chief.
"I saw him lying dead with blood spurting out from his petiole and pronotum in the portico of that home. Shit, I am scared."
It sent shivers down everyone's spine standing there.
"Detective Kokonut!" shouted the chief.

An ant dawdled to the center of the place. "Yes sir! I will take care of this preposterous thing. No more murders shall take place."

It was an ant colony built by them a few days ago in a hole in kitchen. They were all living happily before these murders took place. This is the fourth one. Inspector Jaan was already standing there looking at the corpse and musing. It was a small portico at the back of the house which was 10 feet away from their living place. It was built with mosaic floor with a garden at the other side. There was a room directly above that portico and another room adjacent to it. It was surrounded by concrete closings except for the two sides.

“Never tamper any evidence at my crime scene!” shouted Jaan.

Kokonut smiled.
“I am convinced that this is an accident!” said the inspector.
“I have no data yet. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts,” Said Kokonut. 

He started to make notes by observing every piece of the place using a convex lens he had.
"Where are the forensic people?" questioned the detective. 

"Sir! One hour before sir!"
"Any evidences?"
"No sir. Crushed and killed. Perhaps an accident again."
Kokonut went near the victim and touched his body. "Hmm, wet! Weakened legs due to torture! Last minute struggle! Grief face! Opened mouth indicating that he tried to call for help at last! two cuts with different times of happening. A gap of 20 mins at most. Call the guard who was on portico duty an hour back! Murder!"

"How sir?"
"You will know in a short while! Wetness! There has been no rain for the past four days. The house servant has been absent for the past three days and so none could have washed the floor. No sight of any water drops around the place. A small cup with water is here at one corner with not even a single droplet around. Hmm! Blood smell in this! I need a group of 10 army ants to volunteer for this case.”

The guard ant made his arrival before the detective. “Sir!”
“Yes, did you see Alex here before an hour?”
“Do you mean the youngest son of the owner of this home? Yes sir, he was putting something down from his hand.”
“Did you see what he was dropping?”
“No sir, I was at the far end of this place. I only got a glimpse and not a full view.”
“Okay you may leave now!”

“Sir, Alex was reading a book an hour before in the hall. There is a Florentine paper bookmark in that book,” said one of the ants.
“Ok show me that book.”
“It’s on the table. We will lead you!”
(Mumbles) “Bookmark is in the page 76. So two pages before it. 74. No. 73, 72,
(Shouts) “here it is. Notice a small blood drop in the corner of the book. Ok. Few water droplets here.”
“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

“I am hereby presenting the murderer of the week. Alex! When I arrived here, I learnt that Alex is a die-hard fan of torture porn genre of films and books. The book we found on his table was one of those books. The blood spot in page 72 of the book is same as that of the victim’s. The blood from the one of the cuts of the victim's body is by the nail which should have been made when he was picking up the ant. He then put it in a cup of water. He must have enjoyed watching the ant’s last minutes as it struggled to escape. It eventually died. And he dropped it in the portico and hence the other cut and kept the cup there. We must henceforth be safe and should not go out alone in the broad day light.”

The chief imposed a curfew indefinitely. Inspector Jaan always felt a bit envious of him. He wanted fame. He decided to punish Alex and earn a high name. He secretly followed Alex. But Kokonut found this and warned Jaan but he never respected him. Once he heard the conversation of Alex and his friends.

“Hey Alex, do you know what happened to Dazzy, when she was riding her cycle?”
“No. What happened?”
“She was riding her cycle. An ant stuck her in her arm. She lost her balance and fractured her arm.”

Jaan got a notion. He climbed onto the shirt of Alex and waited for the right time. Alex started his bike. He slowly crawled on the hand of Alex and prepared itself for the brave but stupid job.

“Sir, Inspector Jaan is missing!”
(Mumbles) "His ignorance is as remarkable as his knowledge."
“Never mind, he attempted suicide!” Kokonut chuckled.


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