Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Official IV and an Unofficial Tour

I have been in the same batch for the past two years. I have wasted two years in my college life! I haven't talked to nearly half of my batch mates properly till the event. I haven't known the names of some till that event. I haven't seen some of the faces clearly till the same event.

That event was Industrial Visit which should have been a tour with a visit to at-least an industry. But ours had only been a tour. A tour which showed the fourth face of the Ashoka lion. A tour which made us enjoy every day, every hour, every minute and every second. A tour which made us understand the coordination, discipline (:D), affection, respect, trust, friendship, responsibility of our batch mates.

From now on, They are my friends and not just batch mates.

Whoa! What a batch! What a coordination! I am dazzled. I am amazed.

Day 1 (22 Aug) :

The tour kick started on 22 August at 5 P.M. Day-scholars directly reached Chennai central. The hostelites started their delectation en route from college to Central in bus. We boarded the Mangalore express. We weren't together since the seats had been allocated in different compartments. It took nearly an hour to settle and people in each compartment formed a group and started enjoying. Me, Sathish, Dewa, Deepak, Venky, Ganesh, Saravanan, Anushia, Abhirami, Abinaya, Danisha, Bhargavi, Naren, Mega, Nagalakshmi, Banu, KK, Karpaga priya, Senthamarai, Meenakshi, Sano, Leela, Mathi and others. We played cards, dumb-c, truth or dare. We sang. We danced. We criticized. We mocked. We imitated. What not! The seats were allocated under RAC and so we didn't get the berths till 1 A.M. We were widely awake.

Day 2 (23 Aug) :

This day was entirely devoted to the train journey except for a halt in Mangalore. We got down at Mangalore around 8.30 A.M. and accommodated in a lodge for refreshment. We had our brunch around 11 in a scanty restaurant. It was the first time we struggled. None of us at the restaurant knew Kannada and none of the people working there knew Tamil. We used a few Hindi words and managed. We vacated the lodge and boarded the Matsyaganda express to Madgaon. Songs by our Venky were more hilarious. 

An interesting yet a bad incident happened en route to Madgaon in train. A transgender. How can we forget her? OMG! She came asking for money. It wasn't begging. She knew Tamil and easily found that we were Tamilians. The way she asked money. Phew! All the worst words in Tamil in a flow. Yappa! Pardha, you won't forget it in your life. I still remember the way Krishnakumar climbed the upper berth when she came again. We all were in a shocked state for the next half an hour yet we were laughing out loud at the incident. Giri, Kalai, Hari, Sathish, Athip and me will never forget this. We never forget to talk about that during the entire IV.

We finally reached the place by 8.30. We took a bus to our resort and had our dinner. Speaking about the food, we didn't have proper food for the entire day in the train and even in night. It was tolerable and we settled in our rooms at 10. The discussions and talks went on till 1 A.M. Hari! The way you talked is still making me laugh! Yes! Definitely some went out in night to the famous beaches. Bouncers!!!!!

Day 3 (24 Aug) :

Goa! Goa! Goa! What else! Aguada fort. The scenario was excellent. Two South African women told us to dance and captured a video of it. We visited three beaches. The Calangute beach, the Anjuna beach and one more. Played football and bathed in the first one. It was a memorable one. Had our lunch in a small hotel near the beach. The day was so hot. The climate wasn't on our side. 

Boat Cruise! An awe-inspiring one! The view! Amazing. The DJ was the most enthralling one. We danced. Yeah fellas, Everyone of us danced to the full spirit there! We found our way out after an hour of mind-blowing dance which ended with a traditional Portuguese dance. We reached the hotel around 9 P.M. and had our dinner. Some of us retired to the room. But the guys visited the famous Baga beach and returned to the hotel around 2 A.M. Four of us went to a nearby restaurant and had palatable coffee!

Day 4 (25 Aug) :

We proceeded to South Goa. We burst out laughing seeing the way Guhan talked in bus. Visited an old church. It was a splendid one! An heavenly one! We continued to Colva beach and straight to Madgaon railway station. Devoured our lunch at a hotel in the platform. All 64 in a single compartment. Enjoyed every second of it. Truth or dare was the ultimate one in that journey. GV, sathish, Kumar, Deepak, Pramoth and others. Relished the dumb-c. Uma mam made it even more exciting. We reached the destination around 10. And oh! The dinner! We went to a hotel. There was only Paratha and Ghee rice at that ghostly hour. We nibbled some pieces and continued our journey to Coorg by bus. Everyone was fast asleep and we arrived to Coorg by 6 A.M. the next morning.

Day 5 (26 Aug) :

Coorg! It should be renamed as "The Bliss". The climate, the mist, the drizzle, the chill, the mountain, the valley, the greenery. It was appealing to the senses. We all got ready around 10 A.M. We had our breakfast and proceeded to the Abbi falls a.k.a. the Jessy falls. The route to the falls was astonishing. Full of green plants and shrubs. The falls was mind-boggling. The bridge in front of the falls made me lose my nerve. It was a life time moment. A worthy one. 

We returned to the room, had our lunch and visited the Raja seat. Hooooo! We were shivering. We could see our breath. Astonishing view of the beautiful place. Photo sessions, Train ride, shopping made us jump in joy. DJ! Whoa! Dancing (Solo, group and pair), Singing, Mimicry. Kudos to Praveen, Venky, Vishnu, Ganesh, KK, Pramodh, Naren, Hary, Laya, Moni and others who rocked the stage. We retired to bed after dinner around 10.30. A sad thing is that Aravind ended up with an a injury in his leg after dancing. And you people, you took great care of him.

Day 6 (27 Aug) :

We commenced our journey to Bangalore by bus at 5 A.M. Several dozed off till 8. Then the next three hours were singing session. We sang loads and loads of songs. Started with an Anthakshari and ended up with all Kuthu songs. Hariharan rocked the place with his database. Had a bite. We entered Wonderla with a bang. The dry rides flabbergasted everone. The twisters! Yappa! It made our large and small intestines come out. Thanks to Sathish, Kalai, Dewa, Hari, Abi, Bhargavi and Subhashri who were with me through out the day. We had a luscious lunch at wonderla and continued with the water rides. Wave pool was excellent with artificial waves drenching us completely. Rain disco. The entire batch danced, danced and danced. None of us would have danced that way ever before. Kalaivanan showed his energy for the first time. Then came the lazy river. We pushed everyone into water from their tube. It was a complete fun. Then we advanced with the photo sessions. And we started our journey to Bangalore station. We went for shopping to Mantri mall where almost all shops had been closed. We were nearing the end of the IV. We boarded the Chennai express and all except a few slept in the train.

Day 7 (27 Aug) :


சார், சூடா டீ, வடை, காபி .....

Chennai central. End of our IV. We shared all our care, affection, friendship, trust! This IV made every one energetic and exuberant. We loved every single moment. This batch is gonna rock for the two years. Thanks and Kudos to all the IV organizers. Sathish, KK, Lal, Saravanan, Ramp, Ganesh, Venky, Sarath, Mega, Abi, Banu and all the others who made this possible! Thanks to Giri, Kalai, Hari, Sathish, Athip and Srichandran who were with me through out the IV. Thanks to Uma ma'am, Bharani and Benz who were so friendly to us. Thanks to Krishna and Jeeva for their photography. Jagan, MK, Eka, Santhosh, Shivaram, Raghavan,Mani, Thamil, Ezhil, Preethi, Priya, Uma, Sangeetha, Prasad, Keerthana, Swarna. Thanks to all who came and rocked the IV.

To those who missed it:

Dear people, seriously you have missed something important in your life. If you had thought that you had something more important than this, you had been mistaken. The IV was soo exciting. I don't think anything else could be more enthralling than this. If there is an IV in 8th sem, please don't miss it for God's sake.

P.S: Hope there will be another IV in eighth sem! 

Enga batch ECE-AB ku peria whistle adinga!!!!


  1. fourth face of the Ashoka lion ah!!?? roflmao... :D

  2. Recollecting all the memories da. Kudos! itz well composed!! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Not just fun! Exciting and Exuberant days! Thanks for dropping by :) Ll surely look at your blog :)

  4. My IV days are flashing in my memory now..!!!College days and especially tour which we have is always excellent and cherishable..!!I bet we will never get that kind of enjoyment after that..!!!!

    1. Exactly :) It will bring out the exuberant personality in us. It will also make us realise the closeness among our class mates. Always energising and exciting :)

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