Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is there a next time always?

This was the tenth time everybody pacified the Vineyard.

"There is a next time!" said the Sun.

"Don't worry. Every thing in this world has been created by God for a cause!" told the Sky.

"If something good doesn't happen now, it indicates that something better than this is gonna happen in future!" pacified the Earth.

"You deserve something better!" spoke the Wind.

"There is a next time, buddy!" said the Sun again.

"There is always a next time? Not for me!" sighed the Vineyard.

A Vineyard. A beautiful Vineyard. An excellent Vineyard in the country side. There were hundred such Vineyards.

This particular one was looking majestic with all the plump and fleshy grapevines hanging perfectly in the rows and columns. The Vineyard was expecting the cultivators and the business men to pick it and use it for wine production. The people came and started choosing the Vineyards best suited for wine production. Its eagerness, enthusiasm and tension increased to a higher level for it was the first time they were entering its place for checking. After discussing for a long time, they left the place. It became depressed. It all started from here.

The Vineyard lost its spirit and energy though it was motivated by its close ones. But it never seemed to get the spirit. It prayed to God with a little hope. It always had a little hope. It turned to face north. There wasn't a Vineyard unharvested. It turned in the direction of east. Nothing in that direction either. Similar results in the other two directions. It was full three months after the generation of first fruit. Nothing had happened yet. Not even a single industry selected it. The harvesting season was almost over and the cultivating season might begin anytime. It would be destroyed before that.

A sudden rumbling noise. It didn't look. There was a sudden rush of footsteps. A group of people approached the Vineyard with a tough fat guy leading them. He examined it and  nodded his head. the machines were brought into the field and works began. The Vineyard slowly looked at the fat guy. He was speaking over his cell phone.

"Sir, Yes! I am positive. This Vineyard has come out to our expectation."

(Some pause!)

"Yeah! This is gonna help us make the costliest wine in the world! We are giving it to the Catholic Church in the Vatican City."

The Vineyard stood in shock and happiness! It saw the sun, the sky, the earth, the wind  happily with tears welling its eyes!

"Well! There is always a next time!"

The Sun shouted, "Don't keep on telling that! Watch out, Vineyard!"

The wind kicked the Vineyard. The Vineyard opened its eyes and realized that the exulting events had happened in its mind and not in reality! This happened every time. It always visualized this excellent finishing in its life.

"What happened? Why did you kick me" asked the Vineyard yawning. The Wind wasn't friendly anymore. It turned into a grievous one.

There was really a rumbling noise this time. But it wasn't the same as in its dream or visualization. Something terrible started occurring.

All the channels flashed the news : "The Katrina Hurricane devastated the entire state! The people in the near by regions are moved to the safe places by the police officials!"

After a storm, comes the calm!

The yard (No more the Vineyard!) asked the sun,"Is there a next time always? Life isn't the same for everyone!"



  1. yes there is always a next time in life.. if tat vineyard had the spirit and energy, it would definitely ve succeeded.. But unfortunately it dint.. so it failed.. Same thing applies to life.. Everyone can succeed if we ve spirit,determination nd perseverance which many of us lack..

    1. Life isn't the same for everyone! If every thing goes against you, Its difficult to stand up against the odds and succeed! A factor of luck is necessary!

    2. It is not so accurate to bring in a discussion on luck with a vineyard as a subject. Anyway, that's just my opinion. :-D

    3. It isn't accurate! Its just a view of how the luck factor affects even the plants side! It is to indicate humans are indeed bounded by luck factor!

  2. Luck is a big factor. However, it is like the icing on the cake. Once you have done the hard work, put in those mandatory 10,000 hours of effort, your luck is likely to unfold.

    1. Your luck "is likely" to unfold. Yes it is only "likely" and this factor affects several! several! Thanks Sabyasachi :)


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