Thursday, August 2, 2012

He was smiling at her!

He was smiling at her.

She was thinking about the incident. She was thinking of him. This boy of 9 years. She thought that she was seeing him. She was on her deathbed. She was suffering from a very rare disease called Chagas disease. It had already eaten up half of her. Doctors had told her family that she might be alive for not more than two hours.

He was smiling at her. 

She used to be a great and a lucky doctor. She became famous in her medical world due to her research about very rare and neglected diseases. The British Government had honored her with the most prestigious award for her invention of the cure of the Chagas infection.

Her patent for the medicine was filed. Each dosage of that medicine costed about a lakh out of which 50 percent went to her. She became rich and famous among her people for her invention.

He was smiling at her. 

Her fate ruled against her. Her own invention didn't help her. She was definitely going to die. She knew that it was the sweet revenge of the fate. She laughed at him. Tears welled her eyes. She told him that it was the best justice God could give. 

He was smiling at her.

She asked her son to bring her personal diary. He handed it over to her. She couldn't even hold it and dropped it. A newspaper flew onto her lap.

It read,

"A 9 year old kid in Yorkshire died out of Chagas disease due to the inventor's neglectfulness. She decided against his dosage for his family delayed in giving her 50 percent share!"    

He was smiling at her! He will always!



  1. poetic justice. You can't runaway from you actions.

    1. Yeah We must reap what we sow, Sabyasachi :) Thanks for dropping by and reading :)

  2. Short and sweet.. Liked it.. Keep goin.. Good thought..


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