Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Wh" words and a How!

When you are a kid:

We: Mamma, when will I do this?
(Some random uncle of an unknown relationship shouts from a place!)
Uncle: Dare you question your elders? Do when we tell you to!

When you are a boy:

We: Mam, Why should we do it this way?
(The teacher frowns and makes expression like Mansur Alikhan!)
Teacher: Goofy, Don't ask me questions. Now go out and stand!

When you are a guy:

We: Sir, What is the necessity of doing this?
(Our professors start making hysterical yells and they become red hot like our famous "Red Skull"!)
Professor: No attendance today and remember one more time you question me UNNECESSARILY you can't attend my class for the entire semester!

A Chinese proverb, 
"He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever!"

I was talking to guy from an industry a few days back. I told him that we students don't have practical knowledge about the stuff as much as theoretical knowledge. He replied me that it was our right to ask the concerned people to give us practical knowledge too. I have been thinking about this for the past few days.

Are we allowed to ask questions?


In our school period, we were taught about these basic questioning words. I remember that there are "Wh" words and a How! But do we know the usage of these words today? Are we using them correctly? Basically, are we using them?

The answer is no! We have been inspired by the way scientists, industrialist and other eminent personalities talk about the art of questioning and how it had helped them! They keep on telling us to question the situation! I wonder how on earth did those people get a chance to get their questions answered. 

There are two types. Either we don't ask questions or our questions go unanswered. Either way we don't or stop questioning. Whenever some try questioning, they are humiliated and are made to sit down. None encourages questioning these days. Our superiors neglect our questions because of two reasons. They don't know the solution else they don't want us to know the solution. Stopping the art of questioning stops our improvement. Questions and questioning are the two important learning tools. They can help gain our knowledge, improve our skills, make us strong and independent, give us leadership qualities, help us come out with innovative ideas and much more.

The basic problem is that if we ask questions and if the guys who have to answer them procrastinate the answer for the next day, we don't go and ask them that they got to tell the answer the next day. We forget to remind them that its day to answer. We don't disturb people till we get the answers. They don't answer. Eventually we end forgetting the question.

Never get deterred by those who insult our questions. Those who try to dominate others will always do that. If somebody doesn't answer yours, they are not capable of answering. Move on and ask the same to someone else. If they insult you, they don't have the answer. Move on and ask some one else. If they scold you for your question, they are afraid of your question. Move on and ask others. If they ignore you, they are frightened by the thought that they can't answer your question. Move on and ask others and one day yours will be answered. But never stop questioning till you get your answer. 

What would have happened if Newton had not questioned the fall of apple? What would have happened if Buddha had not questioned the reasons of sorrow? What would have happened if Gandhi had not questioned the idea of freedom? What would have happened if the questions had not been asked in the history in the right time at the right place?


Here is a book which I found amazing regarding the art of questioning. 

Think smart. Ask questions. Get answers. Live smart.


  1. very true..Whenevr u ask a qn,our teachers say,"ADHU YELLAM APPADE DHAN"...

    1. haha :D yeah... When we ask something, "Refer book" will be their reply!!

  2. lend me de book :D ll read it n return :)

    1. I don't have it B) have to buy!! Read it from google books da B)

  3. You have raised a very valid point. We don't ask questions for fear of openly admitting our ignorance and inviting public ridicule. Too often people frown upon others for asking questions because they don't know. Instead of admitting that they don't know the answer and hence need time to answer it, people often scold their kids for asking too many questions.

    1. exactly! Those who are in position don't encourage questioning and so we have learnt to accept things without questioning! This certainly decreases our improvement. There must reasonable questions raised always!

  4. Even these great scientists were ridiculed for asking questions . Remember Socrates was poisoned ? One who relentlessly fights against the odds and keeps asking questions wins :)

    1. That's the point there! Never stop questioning till you get your answers and one day yours will be answered surely! Thanks Jaish :)


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